How to Install an Ebook Reader On your Nintendo 3DS?

eBooks are a godsend for people who love to read. Back in the day, you have to bring one of those bulky ass books that although is good for self-defense, it is not good if you’re bringing a lot of books with you.

Now with the advent of technology, people can just bring with them digital copies of their favorite books and that can be either in pdf, mobi, or epub format.

These file formats represent what is now commonly known as the “eBooks”, or, digital copies of a certain book.

Now, in order for you to be able to read eBooks, you need to have a good eBook reader that supports multiple ebook file formats.

If you have a Nintendo 3DS, did you know that you can also read eBooks on your portable game console as well?

Today, I am going to talk about how you can install an eBook reader on your Nintendo 3DS so that you can read all of your favorite books right on your portable game console.

Now, for the purposes of this article, I will tell you how you can install the iKuReader. This is one of the most popular eBook readers for the Nintendo 3DS right now.

It is important to note that in order for you to install the iKuReader, you need to have an R4 3DS card with amazing homebrew support.

After you’ve acquired your R4 3DS card, just follow these instructions:

1. Download the official iKuReader install files. Just search “iKuReader” in Google Search and click on the first entry that appears.

2. After that, you will get the ikureader.nds file. Just plug your microSD card into your computer and just put the ikureader.nds file in the ROOT folder of your microSD card.

3. Create a new folder on the ROOT folder of your microSD card and name it “Ebooks” (without the quotation marks).

4. In this folder, put all of your ebook files in it as this will be the main repository for all of your books.

5. Place your microSD card to your R4 3DS card and insert it into your Nintendo 3DS portable game console.

6. Next, fire up your homebrew launcher and then install the iKuReader. It will only take a few seconds to install because the program is not bulky at all.

7. Fire up the program and after agreeing to the terms, you can then tweak its settings.

8. The first thing you would want to do is set the default font to your liking. The good thing about this is that you can import different fonts that you like. Just choose the font you like from the fonts that you have and you’re good to go.

Now, the iKuReader reads the Root/Ebooks folder by default. But if you placed the Ebooks folder someplace else, you will have to set the application to read from that new directory instead.

The iKuReader is one of the best eBook readers for the Nintendo 3DS. Be sure to have a very good R4 3DS card before you install this homebrew application in your Nintendo 3DS.

RF Micro Mobile Phone Signal Booster

There are a lot of mobile phone signal boosters out there that has a lot of features. Many people love that, but some people would opt not to have as many features and that the price of the signal booster will drop significantly instead.

Today, I am going to talk about the RF Micro Mobile Phone Signal Booster. This is a very simple mobile phone signal booster that can amplify CDMA, EDGE, and 2G signals.

And yes, it doesn’t boost 3G nor 4G signals but, at least, it does the job really well of amplifying other signal technologies. And the good thing is that the price is absolutely great.

Now, the RF Micro Mobile Phone Signal Booster, as mentioned previously, only supports up to 2G signals. Even though you cannot enjoy boosted data signals (mobile internet), you’re still going to enjoy clear calls and sent text messages.

I cannot count how many times my mobile phone failed me. Apparently, there are certain times of the day that mobile phone signals are scarce in my area.

To help me remedy this situation, I need a good mobile phone signal booster that is not only inexpensive but it does the job really well.

The RF Micro Mobile Phone Signal Booster does just that. It’s very good at amplifying signals and it doesn’t have a huge asking price.

Furthermore, the installation of this mobile phone signal booster is very easy. If you’re interested to know the installation process, here it is:

  1. The beauty of the RF Micro Mobile Phone Signal Booster is that it comes with a door external antenna. This means that you do not have to go to the rooftop to install it. All you have to do is mount it on top of your front door.
  2. Next, mount the signal amplifier somewhere convenient. Also, make sure that it is near an AC power outlet.
  3. Place the internal antenna in the middle point of your house. This is to make sure that you will get the best possible signal coverage throughout your home.
  4. Plug the internal antenna in the “Output” slot of the mobile phone signal booster.
  5. Next, plug the external antenna in the “Input” slot of the mobile phone signal booster.
  6. Plug the included AC power adapter to the mobile phone signal booster.
  7. Wait for 3-5 minutes and you can then enjoy amplified signals in your house!

The RF Micro Mobile Phone Signal Booster is amazing because of its ease of installation and the fact that it’s got some powerful antennas. Sites such as uksignalboosters offer o2 signal boosters for the uk network.

The internal antenna is an 8dB omnidirectional antenna and the external antenna is a 10dB yagi-directional antenna.

The mobile phone signal booster itself has a 65dB high-gain power that can effectively boost mobile phone signals around your area.

Other than its effectiveness, I just love the price of this mobile phone signal booster. The RF Micro Mobile Phone Signal Booster costs only $55.

With its effective amplification of CDMA, EDGE, and 2G signals, and its highly inexpensive price, the RF Micro Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a very good signal booster that can be installed in any home.

4 Things You Can do to Getting Rid of Belly Fat

So, you went to a gym and acquired a membership. You get a competitive and knowledgeable personal trainer to help you get rid of belly fat. After a couple of months, that darn belly fat still exists and you’re feeling a little bit discouraged because of it.

I’ve been to that situation as well. Why is it that the belly fat is so hard to lose? Why is it so hard to flatten our stomach?

Well, Belly fat is actually deeply embedded in your stomach cavity. No matter what exercise you do, it is still the last one that is going to leave your body.

Now, do not get discouraged; there are ways to help you speed up the process and help you get rid of that stubborn belly fat, for good.

In today’s article, I will share with you 4 things you can do to get rid of belly fat. These tips range from psychological to nutritional. So, let’s get started!

  1. Eliminate or Lessen Stress. Stress can lead to bulging bellies. I am being serious here; most people who are fat attribute their bodies to stress eating. Stress eating is a major phenomenon and if you’re not aware of it, you will be surprised that your belly is bigger than usual. Aim to lessen or possibly eliminate stress in your life. Furthermore, try to eliminate foods that are very accessible to you. Try to cut down the foods that you put in the fridge as a start.
  2. Eat the right foods. This should come as no surprise. Eating the right kinds of foods and in the right amounts will ensure that you will get rid of that belly fat. Aim to eat more fruits and vegetables and also foods that are rich in fiber. Eating these foods will ensure that you will not only have a healthy body, but also a better-looking physique.
  3. Exercise regularly. Eating the right kinds of foods is just half of the battle; you also have to be physical. And when I say physical, I meant you have to exercise regularly. Physical activities require calories to be burned and if you burn more calories than you put in, you will surely lose all that weight. Moreover, exercising regularly, especially when you’re doing weightlifting, will ensure that you develop your muscles. Muscles burn more fat and it increases your metabolism as well.
  4. Be Mentally Prepared. In fitness, mental toughness will help you plow through the difficulties of becoming fit. As I’ve mentioned before, belly fat is the last one to get off your body. Without mental toughness, you will lose motivation quicker than losing your belly fat. Be mentally prepared when taking on this challenge. If you’re low on motivation, seek the counsel of a friend or a close family member. Grit is very important when losing weight, so be sure to develop it.

I know that getting rid of belly fat is hard, but when you do the four things I highlighted in this article, you will be on your way to a flatter belly.

Trivia Crack Game for the iOS

Who said that games don’t teach lessons? There are a lot of genres of games, but in today’s article, we are going to talk about a particular trivia game for Apple’s mobile phones.

The Trivia Crack Game for the iOS is probably one of the best trivia games for the Apple iOS mobile phone platform.

To better understand what this game is about, here are the game’s features:

  • Hundreds of thousands of exciting questions
  • You can create your own questions in the Factory
  • Over 20 game languages
  • Chat with your opponents
  • Collectable card collection

The Trivia Crack Game for the iOS is by no means any different from other Trivia games in that it sports the same gameplay as other trivia games on the app store. But, Trivia Crack Game for the iOS mobile phones does have vibrant graphics which pretty much makes up for the lack of game innovation.

The premise of the game is simple; you will spin a magical wheel named Willy and whatever category he will stop to, that’s where your questions will come from. You can answer as many trivia questions as you can. If you’ve given a wrong answer, an opponent of yours can steal the question, and they too can answer as many as they want.

Each correct answer will earn you a crown. The first person to get six crowns will win the game (and some bragging rights as well).

Back in the day, my family really wanted to play a lot of trivia games. What I love about trivia games is that I can know many different things and I can have a really fun time playing as well.

The Trivia Crack Game for the iOS mobile phones does offer over 20 language support which caters for most people all around the world. There are also some premium cards you can collect by garnering different achievements throughout the game.

Test your knowledge with this amazing iOS mobile phone game. The game has five categories you can choose from (via Willy): Art, Entertainment, History, Geography, and Science.

If you truly want to test your mettle, you can play against other players online, all around the world!

By answering questions correctly, you not only get crowns but you also get highly coveted characters at the same time. Think of these characters as your avatar, since well, this game does not really make use of any moving or anything. The thing will move is just your brain trying to scour for the right information.

This Apple mobile phone game was developed by an Argentinian company called Etermax. They first released this game in their native country and since this app got really popular in Argentina, the company decided to release it for the entire world to enjoy.

So, if you’ve got what it takes to be the next trivia game King (or Queen), then definitely try this game out. The Trivia Crack Game for the iOS mobile phones is free to download on the Apple App store.

The Mind Diet

We all know that there literally thousands of diets out there. Some of them are originals while some of them spawn from combining two of the most popular.

Today, we are going to take a look at a specific diet that not only helps you lose weight, but it also decreases your chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease as well.

I am talking about the MIND diet or otherwise known as the Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay. As you can tell from the long name, the MIND diet is a combination of the DASH diet and the Mediterranean diet.

Now, what is the premise of the MIND diet? Well, here are the important facts you need to know about the MIND diet:

  1. Eat lots of “Brain-healthy” foods. What you eat can have an impact on your health, and that is especially true when it comes to your brain. The MIND diet is centered on eating brain-healthy foods each and every day. In fact, the people behind the MIND diet said that it is best that you eat at least 10 brain-healthy food groups each day.
  2. The MIND diet is effective in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. Martha Clare Morris, the person who created the MIND diet, said that seniors who underwent the MIND diet had significantly reduced their chances of developing this degenerative disease. The MIND diet helped reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease of 80 seniors (a study that was conducted by Dr. Morris found that the longer people were on the diet, the lesser their chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease).
  3. What you Should Eat. As mentioned previously, the MIND diet centers on the premise that you need to eat mostly brain-healthy foods. This also means that you must severely cut, or possibly even eliminate, unhealthy and processed foods. Here are just some of the foods that you need to eat when you are on the MIND diet:
  1. Green Leafy Vegetables– Six servings a week or more
  2. Vegetables– Should always be in the menu
  3. Nuts– Eat at least 5 servings per week
  4. Berries– Eat a lot of berries, or, at least two servings per week. Opt for Blueberries as they also contain antioxidants
  5. Beans– Three portions per week
  6. Whole Grains– Should be incorporated in every meal of the day
  7. Fish– Three times a week. Opt for fish that is rich in Omega-3 such as Salmon
  8. Poultry- Two times a Week and not exceeding 4 times
  9. Olive Oil– This will be your main oil as this is one of the healthiest out there
  10. Wine– A glass a day won’t hurt. In fact, it is encouraged when you are on the MIND diet

Since you will be eating mostly brain-healthy foods, weight-loss is also accompanied by having a healthy mind. When you have a healthy mind, you will have a better decision-making capability, and thus, you will choose healthier foods inherently when you are on the MIND diet.

This is one of the most doable diets as there are a lot of brain-healthy foods out there on the market. Since the MIND diet is still fairly new, you may want to ask a dietitian for a meal plan that is specifically designed for you.

As a final remark, the MIND diet is one of the most popular diet bridging two of the most well-known diets around. If you want to live long and decrease your risk of developing Alzheimer’s, the MIND diet is your best bet.

Slim-Fast Diet

What happens when you hear the words “Slim” and “Fast”? They sound very appealing to you, right? I mean, you want to get a slim figure while losing it as fast as possible. A lot of people want that as well, and there is a particular diet that was tailor-made for such people.

Today, we’re going to focus on the Slim-Fast diet. As the name implies, the Slim-Fast diet is a diet program that is specifically designed to help you lose weight as fast as humanly possible. You do this by eating only a maximum of 1,200 calories per day.

The majority of the meals will be replaced by Shakes. These shakes are healthy because they provide you with Macronutrients that your body needs. These Macronutrients are Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat.

As of this time of writing, the Shake that is going to replace some of your meals comprise of 20g of protein, Fiber that satisfies your fiber requirement in a day, and it only has 1g of sugar to taste.

slim-fastAlong with shakes, you can also eat snack bars as well. This is to curb any of your cravings when you’re on the diet.

So, how does this diet work? Well, they follow a 3-2-1 diet model wherein you eat 3 100-calorie snacks (that is provided by the slim-fast dietitian), 2 meal replacements (where you drink shake instead of eating a full meal), and 1, 500-calorie meal of your choosing (provided that you include fruits and vegetables in it).

For that one, 500- calorie meal a day, you should put vegetables such as eggplants, green beans, carrots, spinach, broccoli, to name a few. It should also contain lean protein such as beef, tofu, pork and chicken (make sure you remove the chicken’s skin). Lastly, you also need to include starchy foods like Potatoes, Brown rice, pasta or bread.

Most people who have tried this diet are pleased with the results. Some people report to have lost 1-2 pounds per week, and they keep it off as well. If you’re diligent and determined to lose weight, you’ll lose a lot of pounds in 2 months time!

Now that we’ve discussed the positives of the Slim-fast diet, we’ll now tackle on the negatives. Some people dropped out of the diet program because the shakes and snack bars, although tasty and healthy, can be a drudgery to eat in the long term.

Also, when you’re on the Slim-fast diet, it is encouraged that you do at least 30-minutes of physical exercise to complement the diet plan. As we all know, people dread exercising for that long, and may drop out of the program because of it.

Still, there are a lot of people who are very satisfied with this diet plan. This is one of the only diet plans out there that really does not restrict too much of what you want to eat, provided that you still eat within the bounds of the Slim-Fast diet.

If you want to have a solid diet plan that doesn’t restrict you as much, then the Slim-fast may be appropriate for you.

The Supply Regarding Nintendo Games Consoles

It may be a serious concern to decide on which Nintendo games console is the best for you. Nintendo 3DS group happens to be represented by 5 diverse designs – that’s the reason it’s difficult to decide on what is right for you. We should have a look at the particular choices accessible. 3DS and even 3DS XL would be the unique designs that happen to be supplied by means of Nintendo. However we cannot leave out the Nintendo 2DS.

The particular 3DS possesses considerable benefits over the actual initial versions, including enhanced 3D modern technology, larger displays and better processor chips, not forgetting the excess characteristics. We’ll direct you throughout the buying procedure regarding the 3DS group, including a couple of tips and hints to help decide which one could end up being good for you.
Precisely the same dimensions screens tend to be included for both equally 2DS and 3DS units. 2DS screens are in reality one particular screen. It is split in 2 components by plastic material monitor. That is why 2DS happens to be less difficult to make and for that reason less expensive.
2DS is additionally less expensive than 3DS on account of apparent factor – 3DS includes three dimensional display screen. 2DS, as the name hints, don’t have the opportunity to demonstrate three-dimensional screen. 3D impact may be switched off if perhaps you do not want it. There are various reasons for performing this.
It happens to be noticed that a number of men and women feel headaches yet that occurs to a very small quantity of people. A special modern technology is actually utilized in Nintendo 3DS which will not call for glasses to enjoy the particular three dimensional effects. 3DS is generally picked by means of more mature game enthusiasts. Youngsters decide on 2DS quite often.
The video cameras that happen to be in front of you are monitoring the particular movements you are making. This specific modern technology is totally new and it is right now getting used by means of Nintendo. Real 3D vision is actually experienced since three-dimensional effect is undoubtedly altered based on your motion. Super Stable 3D – which is how this specific modern technology is called.
We discovered the actual 3 dimensional effect is much more efficient at completely new video games consoles, not only because it’s much more reliable and lets you utilize it whenever moving or upon public transport, however as the color reproduction is much better compared to the two dimensional image.
There are no game support difficulties with the actual Nintendo 2DS – it’s only some sort of cut-down console in certain areas. All 3DS games are going to function with the 2DS, and all DS game titles will in addition function with all 3 games consoles.
Needless to say, you may be curious to learn precisely how is it feasible. Each 3DS game has a choice for 3D yet it’s not a need – virtually all consoles use the particular exact same form of CPU and also detectors. Fundamentally, all units are capable of doing precisely the same things. But if you want the game titles to be loaded speedier, you must decide on most recent units as they have speedier processors.
Pertaining to younger avid gamers, the 2DS may seem like a wise buy – particularly if perhaps she or he isn’t going to end up being too concerned by the actual deficiency of 3D or perhaps purchasing the most recent games. It’s also advisable to know that durability which 2DS offers is much better as there are much less hardware elements. If you are a more knowledgeable game player – 3DS might be a better option.

Are mobile phone signal boosters legal?

Mobile phone signal boosters can be legal and illegal. It all depends on what type of mobile phone signal boosters you are using, where you are using and for what purpose. Ideally, if you are getting poor reception or a very weak cell phone signal, then you must be within your rights to improve the signal for your convenience but due to the type of technology being used and owing to legislations in different countries, the legality of mobile phone signal boosters is not uniform. In the United States, using mobile phone signal boosters is considered to be legal.  signal-boosterThe FCC has worked with several manufacturers of mobile phone signal boosters for many years and the process also had the active and observatory participation of major cell phone networks or carriers. After much deliberation and formal approvals, the FCC has allowed the use of mobile phone signal boosters. The FCC has certain checkpoints in place to ensure that using mobile phone signal boosters is safe and not being misused. There are steps in place to check if such devices or such installations will interfere with the efficiency and coverage of the existing and new carriers or mobile phone networks. Any device or installation of mobile phone signal boosters that will adversely affect the coverage of existing or new cellular networks, will cause problems to other consumers or cell phone users and if there are any potential hazards due to using the specific models of mobile phone signal boosters, then the devices or installations can be disallowed. In a broad sense, using mobile phone signal boosters for personal reasons, for commercial purposes, either on buildings and in homes or on vehicles and at remote locales is legally permissible in the United States. In the United Kingdom, mobile phone signal boosters are legal but there are certain types which are illegal to use. According to the law, using any repeater device which has the ability to transmit or re-transmit any signal in any specific frequency band being used by cellular networks is held to be illegal. This luxury is only permissible to registered and licensed mobile networks or carriers. Only the operators of the mobile networks, existing and new, will be able to use such devices, especially repeaters. Any violation of this law can lead to a hefty fine in the UK or imprisonment of up to a year. However, the law clearly makes repeaters illegal. There are many other types of mobile phone signal boosters which people can use in the UK

Green Coffee Bean Extract – Does it really work for weight loss?

The latest buzz on losing weight is focused on the unroasted green coffee bean extract, thanks to Dr. OZ’s experiment which confirmed that those who take the green coffee bean extract are twice as much likely to lose weight than those who use other weight-loss pills. Thus, this coffee extract has come to be known as the miracle weight-loss pill. This article will spill the beans on how this wonderful extract burns fats fast.

According to a study carried out by the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, those people who take green coffee bean extracts on a daily basis before meals are likely to lose more pounds than those who take other weight reducing pills. On average, those who took the pills lost about 17 pounds over a period of 22 weeks. This represents a 16% loss in body fat, an impressive achievement. So what makes the green coffee bean extract so ruthless when it comes to burning body fat? Researchers have discovered that the green coffee bean contains an acid called chlorogenic acid (chlorogenic acid is only present in unroasted green coffee bean. This means that if you roast green coffee beans, you lose the acid) which is responsible for burning body fat.

The chlorogenic acid reduces the process by which the body processes sugar into glucose. This means that there will be not enough glucose to turn into fat. Also, chlorogenic acid communicates to the liver and signals it to burn the stored fat first. The green coffee bean extract also contain insulin, which is normally needed by the body to boost the level of metabolism. Other than weight-loss benefits, green coffee beans are said to contain other health benefits such as controlling diabetes and heart diseases.

Those who wish to lose weight are advised to take green coffee bean extract supplement because it is more effective than brewed with green coffee beans. Moreover, taking supplements is far much better because you don’t have to go through the process of preparing the coffee drink, not to mention that the taste of the coffee made from green coffee beans can be bitter and unpleasant in taste. Please note that the normal coffee that many people love derives its pleasant flavor from the roasting process.

The best green coffee bean extract supplement is one that is pure. Pure here means that it contains no extra additives whatsoever. What happens with most fake weight loss pills being peddled online is that they contain a lot of filler substances, some of which can be harmful to your health. Before buying a coffee bean extract supplement, you are advised to read the label careful and make sure that you are buying from a licensed manufacturer. In the label, the supplement should contain at least 45% of chlorogenic acid. The supplement should not contain any additional filler substances.

Common HCG diet questions


The HCG diet is an all new type of diet that can really help you to shed the excess pounds. For most patients, this diet is perfectly safe to follow. However, there may be some exceptions to this. Here, we will talk about some patients that may want to consider other diet options, as the HCG diet may not be right for them. Please read this article before beginning the HCG diet, and do not continue if you fit into any of these categories.

Anyone Under 18

The HCG diet, just like any other diet, is not recommended for patients who have not yet reached the age of 18. Up until the age of 18, the body is still actively growing. The low calorie diet that the HCG diet calls for may not provide all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that an actively growing teenager needs in order to continue growing at a healthy rate. Most doctors do not recommend dieting until a patient has reached the age of 18, no matter what the diet may be. Ask your doctor for guidance if you are under 18 and want to lose weight.

People with Certain Health Issues

People with certain health issues, like women who are pregnant, nursing, or patients of both sexes who are diabetic, or with vitamins and mineral deficiencies may not do the best on the HCG diet. To find out if you fall into any of these categories, you may want to consider a pregnancy test and a blood test before you start this diet. A blood test can let you know if you are low in any sort of vitamins or minerals, and also let you know if you might be pregnant.

Vegans, or Those Who Are Gluten Free

There are lots of options for diets for those that might be gluten free, or might have chosen to consumer no animal products. However, the HCG diet is not really for these people. The diet regularly calls for the consumption of grains, as they are low in both fat and sugars, as well as lean proteins through servings of fish, poultry, and other lean meats. Even without consuming meats, you may have to consumer animal products to get a safe amount of protein, daily, when on the HCG diet. Vegans cannot, of course, eat meat or dairy, so this diet is not for them.